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Student ROCC Assistance

Welcome ROCC Students at Chattanooga State

The Regents Online Degree Program (ROCC) Courses are completely online courses that are offered statewide through the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC).  Chattanooga State students can register for ROCC courses along with any other Chattanooga State courses. All ROCC courses have section numbers that begin with an “R” (R50, R51, etc.).

ROCC Login
To log in to your ROCC course, go to

Proctoring for ROCC Exams
If your ROCC course indicates that you will have a proctored Mid-term and/or Final exam and you wish to be proctored through Chattanooga State, you will need to schedule a proctoring appointment through eSchedule.  You should do this well in advance of the exam, since popular days and times fill up quickly.  Please read the Proctoring Policies for Students and How to Schedule Proctoring in the menu to the left.  After you have read these documents you may make an appointment for your ROCC proctored exam by clicking on ROCC eSchedule in the navigation menu to the left.

Testing Dates
ROCC exams are proctored at Chattanooga State only during the official ROCC proctoring dates.  These dates can be found on the ROCC term calendar at
Please contact your instructor if you have a proctored exam at any other time.

NOTE: Chattanooga State ROCC proctors will use only the ROCC Proctor Web Site to confirm the exam password and items allowed during the exam.  We strongly recommend that you inform your ROCC instructor of this to ensure they have the ROCC Proctor Web Site up to date with the exam password, information about allowed items, and attachments of any handouts. 

ROCC Campus Contact:

John Haworth, Dean of Social & Behavioral Sciences, RODP Campus Contact 
Phone: 423-697-2467