ADA Accommodation


I require a special accommodation during tests. What should I do?

  • Students who wish to request an ADA Accommodation must contact Chattanooga State's Disabilities Support Services (DSS).
  • If your accommodation is approved, you must make sure that Disabilities Support Services provides a copy of your ADA Accommodation Request form to both your instructor and Academic Resources. This must be done in advance of taking your exam.
  • It is recommended that you always bring a copy of your approved ADA Accommodation Request form to your proctoring appointment.
  • If your ADA accommodation allows you extra time for your exam and the time limit on your exam is longer than the time slots assigned, you must book consecutive time slots to ensure you are allowed the full time for the exam.
  • If your exam is online and you are allowed extra time, confirm that your instructor has changed the settings in eLearn to extend the time limit for your exam. The time cannot be extended after you have begun your proctored exam.

For further information, call Disabilities Support Services at 423-697-4452 or go to the Disability Support Services website.