Access course Assessments in the Activities submenu.

Screenshot of activities submenu.


Available quizzes will appear in the quiz list. Note that the date and time of availability will appear below the name of the exam. The number of attempts (times that the assessment has been taken) will appear under Attempts. In this example, the assessment has been taken 0 (zero) times out of a possible 1 (one) attempt. Click on the name of the assessment to begin.

Screenshot of quiz list area.


The exam summary will appear. The quiz details and instructions are listed on this screen. Pay attention to the time allowed and attempts components. If you have a maximum time allowed it will be listed in this area. Click the Start Quiz button to begin the assessment.

Screenshot of quiz summary.


A confirmation dialog box will appear. Click the OK button to begin the assessment.

Screenshot of quiz begin confirmation.


The title of the exam will appear at the top of the screen with the time limit, the remaining time available to take the exam, and the attempt number for the assessment. On the left of the screen the number of questions is identified along with the number of saved questions. In this example, zero of four questions have been saved.

Screenshot of unsaved quiz questions.


Answer the questions and click the Save button for each question. In this example, the left side of the screen updated and indicated that 1 (one) of 4 (four) questions is saved.

Screenshot of a quiz question saved.


Complete the exam, saving each question as you work through the exam. This is important as it will save your answers in the event that you lose connectivity. In this example, the left side of the screen now indicates that 4 (four) out of 4 (four) questions are saved. When you have completed the exam, click the Save All Responses button at the end of the exam.

Screenshot of all quiz questions saved.


A quiz submission confirmation message will appear. Click the Submit Quiz button. Saving your responses does not submit the quiz. Users must click the Submit Quiz button to complete the assessment.

Screenhshot of submit quiz button.


A quiz submission confirmation dialog box will appear. Click the Yes, submit quiz button.

Screenshot of quiz submission confirmation dialog box.


A quiz submission message will appear. In this example, the assessment is set to grade automatically so the grade appears on the right. Click the Done button.

Screenshot of completed quiz submission.


The quiz submission area will appear. The exam will be listed along with each attempt the user has made to take the assessment and the score for each attempt.

Screenshot of quiz submissions screen.


On the quiz list, the assessment will be listed along with the dates/times of availability and the attempts made. In this example, the user has taken the assessment one time out of a possible one time. If the attempts reads zero, it is the responsibility of the student to verify that the assessment has been submitted during the dates/times in which the exam is available. Make sure to complete the entire process so that your assessment is fully submitted.

Screenshot of quiz list area with a completed quiz attempt.