Note: It may be necessary to complete certain course tasks and check those tasks off in a checklist in order to obtain access to course material.


The Checklist tool is located on the Activities submenu.

Screenshot of checklist in activities submenu.


Each checklist will display a title, might display a description, and will identify how many checklist items are completed out of the total amount.

To access the checklist items, click on the checklist title. A checklist dialog box will open.


Place a checkmark on the left of the checklist item as individual checklist item tasks are completed. In this example, three items are identified as completed. Click Save.


Each item will identify the date and time when the checklist item was checked off.


The checklist tool will update to show how many individual tasks are now completed in the checklist. In this example, the user identified that 3 out of 9 checklist items are complete.


When all of the individual checklist item tasks are completed, and checked off in the checklist tool, the items complete should indicate that all checklist items are completed. In this example, it is 9 out of 9.