Course Content


The Course Content area is accessed by clicking Course Content in the upper left of the screen.

Three links are listed at the top of course content in every course:

  • Overview
  • Bookmarks
  • Course Schedule

The Table of Content link will display all available course content. Remember that some course content may not be visible until specific tasks are completed.

Each available module title is listed under Table of Contents and a number to the right of the title displays how many topics are listed within the module. Open the topic by clicking on the module title. In this example, the World War I module has 8 topics.

Screenshot of course content area.


As seen in this example, modules may have a description at the top. Each module shows the percentage of topics which have been accessed. In this example, 0 of 8 topics have been accessed. Open topics by clicking on the topic title.

Screenshot of module opened in course content area.


The buttons on the upper right of the screen by each topic title are:

  • Add Bookmark / Remove Bookmark - A toggle switch which adds or removes a bookmark for the topic.
  • View Content in New Window - Opens the content in a new window.
  • Previous - Navigates to the previous topic.
  • Next - Navigates to the next topic.

Screenshot of the icons at the top of a topic.


As topics are accessed, the percentage of topics completed will update at the top of the topic titles. Additionally, a checkmark will replace the dot which appears to the right of the title. In this example, the first 3 out of the 8 topics have been accessed.

Screenshot showing the content in a module.


The bookmark icon is a toggle switch. As an outlined icon, it is Add Bookmark. This means that no bookmark is in place for the open topic.

Screenshot showing the add bookmark icon.


As a filled in icon, the bookmark icon is Remove Bookmark. This means that a bookmark has been added to the open topic.

Screenshot showing the remove bookmark icon.


As bookmarks are added, the Bookmarks link in the course content area will display the number of bookmarks which have been set. When you click on the bookmarks link, the listed bookmarks will include the module, type of content, and the topic title. Clicking on any listed bookmark will open that content.

Screenshot showing the bookmarks area with a bookmark.