Course Home


Once you click a course link, the Course Home page opens. It looks similar to the My Home page but is specific to the course and section in which you are enrolled.

Screenshot of top of course home page.


Looking left to right, the top line will feature a house icon which will return the browser to the My Home page. Next will be the name of the course which will always return the browser back to the Course Home page.

Screenshot of home and course id.


On the right side of the top are icons which, when clicked, will show you a list of your courses, open your Email, show you subscription alerts, show you update alerts, and open your account settings.

Screeshot of icons on course home page.


The eLearn menu bar provides access to course content, course material, eLearn tools, course activities, and course news.

Screenshot of the eLearn menu bar.


The next section begins distinguishing this course home page from your other course home pages. The image and course name are displayed below the eLearn menu bar.

Screenshot of course image and name.


On the left of the screen will be an area where you will be able to view the news items specific to this course. On the right of the screen will be the course calendar and student success links which include course resources, eLearn assistance, and Tigerpedia.

Screenshot of course news area.


Each user can bookmark course content. When bookmarks are added, they display in the course content area and on the Course Home page in the My Bookmarks widget. The User Links widget displays the course specific reference links to items on the World Wide Web.

Screenshot of the bookmarks and links area.


The bottom part of the Course Home page is dedicated to school and eLearn policies and procedures.

Screenshot of eLearn policies and procedures area.