Discussion Board


Discussions is listed on the Activties submenu.

Screenshot of discussions on activities submenu.


Each discussion topic is listed in a row in the discussions area. The topic link is on the top. A statement appears if the user must make a post to read or reply to other threads in the discussion topic. Click on the name of a topic to make a post.

Screenshot of discussions list area.


Click the Start a New Thread button at the top of the topic.

Screenshot of start a new thread button.


Type the title of the post, the text associated with the post, subscribe to the thread (if you wish), add attachments (if you wish), and click Post.

Screenshot of discussion post submission.


The attachment area facilitates uploading a file or recording audio. Check course and discussion board instructions for requirements and suggestions.

Screenshot of attachment options.


After post is clicked, the post will display under the topic title. Click Discussions List at the top to return to the discussions list area.

Screenshot of discussion board thread post under the topic.


Now that a post has been made to the topic, the message "You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads" disappears. The screen shows that there is now 1 thread, with 1 post, and which user created the last discussion board post. The user can click on the topic and read the other threads as well as make replies.

Screenshot of posted discussion thread.