The Dropbox is accessed from the Activities submenu.

Screenshot of activities submenu.


The Dropbox Folders area will open. Folders will appear with the name of the folder, the assignment score, number of submissions for the folder, feedback, and the due date. To make a dropbox submission, click on the name of the folder.

Screenshot of dropbox folders.


The submit files area for the dropbox assignment will open. On the left, the dropbox usage will be listed. On the right, starting at the top, is the name of the folder, the instructions for the assignment, the start date, and the due date.

screenshot of open dropbox folder.


More information is available on the maximum storage available in the dropbox folder. Click More Info.

Screenshot of dropbox usage.


The rubric, if one is attached to the assignment, may be listed next.

Screenshot of rubric.


In the submit files section, you can add a file or record a short audio message. Click Add a File to submit a file into the dropbox.

Screenshot of submit files feature.


In this example, My Computer was selected to locate a file on the computer.

Screenshot of add a file dialog box.


Click the Upload button or drag the file(s) to the identified area on the screen.

Screenshot of add a file upload button.


Once the file is selected, it will appear below the upload button. Click the Add button to finish attaching the file to the dropbox assignment.

Screenshot of add a file add button.


The file will appear in the submit files area listed under the Add a File button.

Screenshot of an  attached file in a dropbox folder.


The comments section is listed next. Use this area to convey important information about the assignment to the instructor. The Dropbox tool is for submitting files. You cannot write something in the Comments field and submit that without a file.

Screenshot of comments feature.


When the assignment is complete, click the Submit button.

Screenshot of submit button.


When the file is submitted successfully, a file upload results message will appear. It identifies the submitted file(s), comments, the dropbox folder, the submission date and time, the user that uploaded the file, the total file size, the email confirmation, and the instructions. Click the Done button when you have verified that the information is accurate.

Screenshot of file upload results message.


You will return to the dropbox folders area. The submissions number to the right of the folder name should no longer read 0. It should reflect that your submission has been made into the system. In this example, there is 1 submission into the folder. If you make more than one submission, the number should reflect the number of submissions that you have made to the folder.

The score will reflect your grade after the instructor has graded the assignment. The score should also be visible in the gradebook.

Screenshot of dropbox folder showing a submission.