Email can be accessed from the Message Alerts button on the top right of the screen.

Screenshot of email buttons.


Email displays the folder list on the left and the inbox on the right.

screenshot of email folder list and inbox.


Messages can be filtered using the Filter By tool. Click on the pull-down arrow and choose the filter.

Screenshot of filter by feature.


Three options are available under the inbox title.

  • Compose – Write an email message.
  • Refresh – Check for email messages.
  • Folder Management – Create folders and move messages.

Screenshot of compose button.


Unread messages are displayed with bold text. Click on the Subject to open a message.

Screenshot of folder list and inbox.


The message will open below the inbox email message list and the subject will become regular font to indicate that the message has been opened.

Screenshot of open email.


After reading the message, users can place a checkmark to the left of the message and:

  • Move to Trash – Moves message to trash.
  • Mark as Read – Marks message as read even if it has not been opened (not recommended).
  • Move To – Moves message to a folder other than inbox.
Students are responsible for the content of the email messages even if they are deleted, unread, or moved.

Screenshot of method to move message or mark messages as read.


NOTE: The Classlist tool is an easy way to email your instructor or a group of classmates within your course. Just locate the name you wish to email on the classlist, click the name, and compose a message.