My Home


My Home is your opening page in eLearn. The News section will have general announcements, help numbers for eLearn tech support, and other general info. Return to this page from anywhere by clicking the house icon in the upper left corner.



Screenshot of toolbars.

Return to My Home at any point by clicking on the upper left side of the screen. The icon is a house.

On the upper right side of the screen, from left to right, the icons are:

  • Select a Course from the 'waffle'
  • Email tool
  • Subscription Alerts
  • Update Alerts
  • Profile, Account Settings, Notifications, Logout

The next toolbar provides access to Resources, Student Services, Brightspace Help, and ePortfolio.



eLearn system announcements will appear in the News area on the My Home page. The news item can be dismissed by clicking the x button. This will simply hide the item, not delete it.

Screenshot of News area.


Click Show All News Items at the bottom of the News items area to make all news items visible again.

Screenshot of show all news items link.


Learning Support Center

Contains information on tutoring, project assistance, test preparation and more.


eLearn Tips

Contains important information on TigerMail and eLearn.


My Courses

Click the image or the Course Title/Course ID to open the course.

Screenshot of My Courses area.


Policies and Procedures

Contains information on:

  • Email Communication
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Academic Integrity/Academic Honesty
  • Faculty Advisory Statement
  • Disability Statement
  • Refund Policies
  • Withdrawl From College
  • Disclaimer Regarding Internet Websites Used For This Course